Learning Council

We started our learning council in the Spring Term of 2017.  The first project of the learning council was to share the school’s new vision linked with the IPC and our Excellent Eight.  This involved the representatives presenting in their classrooms and assemblies.  We also looked at how we could link our vision into creating a ‘What a Cheam Fields Primary Academy learner is...’  Every member of the council collected ideas from their class and then reported these ideas back.  As a result we created ‘What a Cheam Fields Learner’ looks like posters to be displayed in class. 

This academic year, two representatives from each class across the school have been voted on to the council.  These representatives meet regularly to discuss how teaching and learning can be improved at Cheam Fields through collecting ideas and opinions from their classmates and reporting these suggestions during our meetings.

This year we are looking at marking.  Identifying what is working well and what can be done to improve it.  We are looking at how we can ensure we incorporate our next steps into our work to help us make even more progress! 

We are also looking at how we can make our reading corners even more enticing and engaging to ensure more pupils are reading, and therefore, learning!

Watch this space for updates!