We have a whole school approach to promoting positive behaviour. We believe that by creating consistent structures for all children this enables them to behave well.

In order to be successful, staff, children, parents and governors have worked together to create the Traffic Light Behaviour Code which encourages and rewards good behaviour.

We ask the children to stay green and collect green leaf tokens by:

  • Keeping the class and play ground rules
  • Being kind and speaking politely to everyone in the school community
  • Trying hard and doing their best
  • Respecting other people, their possessions and school property
  • Being helpful and thoughtful
  • Asking for help or telling an adult if they are unhappy
  • Accepting responsibility for the things they do

We approach situations positively and believe that all children can behave well and are encouraged and nurtured to do so.

Rewards for staying GREEN

‘Green’ behaviour is rewarded in a number of ways including:

  • Public praise in a group, class or assembly
  • Informing parents of actions or achievements
  • Merits certificates, stickers, Star of the Week/Achievers Awards
  • Golden Playtime
  • Certificate in gold books
  • Leaf tokens for their house team
  • Mufti day for house winners
  • Sharing good work with other members of staff including the Headteacher and Deputy
  • Excellent Eight certificate awarded to a child from each class who achieved the  Excellent Eight personal goals at the end of each term

Our Motto is ‘Stay on Green’

Sometimes pupils forget the agreed rules and are inconsiderate towards others so we have designed a four tiered approach in order to help everyone remember.

1. Reminder of the rule

2. Verbal warning about the rule

3. Amber

This is the warning stage of the code. It means that some playtime will be missed on that day.

If behaviour is not modified then ….

4. Red

This means exclusion at playtime. During this time the child talks to a member of the Senior Management Team where behaviour is discussed and targets are agreed.

Parents are informed by the class teacher at this stage.

The following behaviours will not be tolerated at school and will result in an instant red:

  • Bullying
  • Racial or offensive language including swearing
  • Stealing
  • Spitting
  • Insolence and defiance including lying
  • Putting yourself or others at risk
  • Disruptive behaviour in class that prevents the learning of others

Links with Parents

We aim to work well with parents/carers and are always ready to discuss issues of difficulty. Links are established through formal and informal processes such as:

  • collection at the end of the school day
  • parent/teacher consultation evenings
  • telephone conversations/letters
  • parent/teacher meetings

If a child’s behaviour gives cause for concern a home/school diary may be set up.  This ensures we communicate with parents on a daily/weekly basis.

For particular behavioural concerns it may be appropriate to place a child on the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Register.

Advice may then be sought from Sutton’s Behaviour Support Service.  Full consultation with parents would take place throughout this process.

HOW to help your child resolve difficulties

Most importantly, tell your child to seek help from a member of staff immediately if they have difficulties e.g. if they have been hurt or upset by anyone.

If you are aware that a problem has not been resolved, make an appointment to discuss this with your child’s class teacher in the first instance.

Parents are reminded that no matter how upset they may be the most effective way of dealing with a concern is to report the matter to the school and discuss it with us. We cannot tolerate parents shouting at or abusing any child, member of staff or another parent. Under such circumstances we will exercise our right to ask the parent concerned to leave the premises until a more calm discussion can take place.

We wish to assure all parents that we are committed to resolving all concerns satisfactorily, although this may take time on some occasions. We ask for your support and patience.

Monitoring of Behaviour

The school keeps records of all the children who have stayed green.

We also keep a variety of records concerning incidents of misbehaviour. The class teacher records classroom incidents. A ‘Traffic Light’ chart is kept in every class and is given to the headteacher at the end of each week.

We also keep a record of any incidents that occur at break or lunchtimes. Lunchtime supervisors provide written details of any incidents and these are given to the headteacher daily or at the end of the week.

The headteacher keeps a record of any child who is suspended for a fixed–term or who is permanently excluded.

We hope this policy conveys our positive views about behaviour. We believe that good behaviour is vital for everyone’s wellbeing.

This is why we think it is important for everyone in the school community to work together to maintain the happy, caring   environment which children, parents, staff and visitors already value and enjoy.

The teachers, governors, children and parent representatives have agreed this policy.