Your child’s attendance is 98% plus. They are absent less than 4 days in a school year. They will probably achieve the best levels for their ability by the end of Key Stage 2


Your child’s attendance is 96% plus. They are absent less than 8 days in a school year. They will probably achieve the best levels for their ability by the end of Key Stage 2.


Your child’s  attendance is 90 – 94%. They are missing up to 20 days in each school year – a full month! This amount of absence will make progress difficult and reduce their level of success.


Your child’s  attendance is less than 90%. They are missing 1 or 2 days a fortnight; this is the same as nearly six months throughout their time in Key stage 2. Missing this amount of time will make it extremely difficult for them to keep up in lessons and make progress. You need to take action! As a parent or carer, you could face a fine or court action.

Attendance Targets

Every year the school’s attendance target is set by the Local Authority. This target is agreed with the Headteacher and Governors. This year our target is set at 96%. With your help we can achieve this!


How can I improve attendance?

  • Family holidays should not be taken during term time.
  • Try to make routine appointments after school hours or during the holidays.
  • Arrive at school on time to avoid a late mark. Children are often unsettled if they are late to school. If they miss the beginning of the lesson it is difficult for them to catch up.
  • If you are having problems getting your child to school, come and speak to your child’s class teacher. We want to help you to resolve problems before poor attendance becomes an issue.


What happens if my child has poor attendance?

Parents or carers are responsible for ensuring that their children attend school. Poor attendance is always a cause for concern and if it is not resolved it can escalate to a court case and result in a fine being issued.


The procedures for poor attendance are as follows:

  • Attendance concerns are raised.
  • Parents are contacted by the Headteacher.
  • Parents are invited to school to discuss the issues and how to resolve the poor or non-attendance.
  • A formal Attendance Meeting will be held to make the parents aware of the legal implication of the continuing poor or non-attendance.
  • Meeting with the Borough Attendance Manager will be arranged.
  • The case will be referred to the court and the court may issue a fine to be paid.